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Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks
Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks
2015 — 2016

A single father experiences the trials and tribulations of raising a group of young chipmunks.

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33 Episodes Available Online
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1 |  Talking Teddy; Principal Interest
2 |  A Is for Alien; Jeanette Enchanted
3 |  Sister Act; Lil' T
4 |  What a Gem; Family Spirit
5 |  The App; Don Juan Theodoro
6 |  Albrittina; Simon for President
7 |  To Serve and Protect; Kickin' It Old School
8 |  Clowning Around; Bully for You
9 |  My Sister the Weirdo; Turf War
10 |  Good Luck Mr. Whiskers; Who's Your Daddy
11 |  Mystic Mountain; Candy Confessions
12 |  Mojo Missing; Who's the Animal
13 |  Slippin Thru My Fingers; Driving Dave Crazy
14 |  Safety Third; Mister Manners
15 |  The Tree House; Saving Simon
16 |  Back to School; Bromance
17 |  A Room of One's Own; Carts and Crafts
18 |  Kiss Conspiracy; House Guests
19 |  Going Green; Tattle Tail
20 |  She's Got Style; Super Heroes
21 |  Theozilla; Doggone It
22 |  Mutiny; Reality or Not
23 |  Let Them Eat Crumbs; Who Ghosts There
24 |  Alvin's Secret Powers; Warbie
25 |  I Will Survive; Alvin's Got a Brand New Bag
26 |  Art for Art's Sake; Mancave

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