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Adventure Time
Adventure Time
2010 — 2016

Two adventurers help bizarre characters in need of unique assistance.

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1 |  Slumber Party Panic; Trouble in Lumpy Space
2 |  Prisoners of Love; Tree Trunks
3 |  The Enchiridion!; The Jiggler
4 |  Ricardio the Heart Guy; Business Time
5 |  My Two Favorite People; Memories of Boom Boom Mountain
6 |  Wizard; Evicted
7 |  City of Thieves; The Witch's Garden
8 |  What Is Life?; Ocean of Fear
9 |  When Wedding Bells Thaw; Freak City
10 |  Henchman; Dungeon
11 |  The Duke; Donny
12 |  What Have You Done?; Rainy Day Daydream
13 |  The Gut Grinder; Finn Meets His Hero

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